Universal Migrator part 2: Flight Of The Migrator is an album by Ayreon. The mastermind behind this album is Arjen Anthony Lucassen. Universal Migrator was released in 2000, and was released as 2 seperate cds: Universal Migrator part 1: The Dream Sequencer and Universal Migrator part 2: Flight Of The Migrator.
Flight Of The Migrator is the harder one of the two albums, and has hard rock and progressive rock type songs. Univeral Migrator tells the story of the last surviving human on the Mars colony. He's running out of oxygen, the rest of the colonists have died, and he can't go back to Earth. So, the last thing he does is go into a device called the Dream Sequencer. This device enables him to go back to his youth and even further through history, in his dreams. On The Dream Sequencer, he goes back through time to the first man on Earth. On Flight Of The Migrator, he goes even further back, to the time before the Big Bang.

The songs:

1. Chaos. The colonist steps into the Dream Sequencer once again, and decides to go back even further in time. The voice is once again done by Lana Lane.

2. Dawn Of A Million Souls. During the Big Bang, one large soul is created. The Universal Migrator divides this soul into millions of smaller ones who go out to create life on planets. Vocals by Russel Allen (Symphony X).

3. Journey On The Waves Of Time. The colonist travels through space with the sould on the waves of time. Vocals by Ralf Scheepers, of Primal Fear.

4. To The Quasar. During the journey, a huge lightmass called the Quasar comes into sight. In the center is a black hole, through which the soul thinks he can reach Earth. Vocals by Andy Deris (Helloween).

5. Into The Black Hole. The colonist follows the soul into the black hole. The vocals are done by Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden).

6. Through The Wormhole. They go through a wormhole, the tunnel located behind a black hole. Vocals by Fabio Leone (Rhapsody).

7. Out Of The White Hole. At the end of the wormhole is the opposite of a black hole, called a white hole. They end up on a planet where they find the alien from the previous album, Into The Electric Castle. The planet is already inhabited, so the soul continues its quest. Vocals by Timo Kotipelto of Stratovarius.

8. To The Solar System. The colonist and the soul approach our solar system. The colonist feels that things are going wrong, and his body slowly dies because the oxygen runs out in the Dream Sequencer. Vocals by Robert Soeterboek (Ayreon).

9. The New Migrator. The soul has reached Earth, and for the first time it communicates with the colonist. It tells him that the colonist is the new Migrator. He seperates the colonist's body and soul. Vocals by Ian Parry (Elegy).

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