German DJ and producer

Sven Väth was born on 26.10.1964 in Obertshausen near Frankfurt. He started DJing in the beginning of the eighties and achieved shorttime popstar fame with his chart single Electrica Salsa in 1986.

He opened his own club Omen in Frankfurt in 1988 and established the "Sound of Frankfurt". Techno had its breakthrough in Germany in 1990, and Sven Väth was one of the trailblazers. In 1991 he founded his own label Eye Q, followed by Harthouse and Recycle Or Die. In the early nineties the "Godfather of Techno" got to be the most successful DJ in the world, "Germany's only popstar".

The years 1997 and 1998 proved to be a turning point as he left Eye Q/Harthouse and the Omen closed its doors. But of course that was not the end of his DJ career and in 1998 his booking agency and event project Cocoon (a metaphor for steady change) took off. It also includes a new club in Frankfurt, not unexpectedly called Cocoon.

Sven Väth pioneered the development of electronic music in Germany and worldwide. And he continues to experiment!

Discography (Albums only):

Accident in Paradise (1992)
The Harlequin, The Robot, And The Ballet Dancer (1994)
Fusion (1998)
Contact (2000)
Fire (2002)

To get an impression of his music, try for example L'Esperanza, Mind Games, Schubdüse or Dein Schweiss.

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