Germany´s economic capital.

It´s got some of Europe´s highest office Buildings, such as the "Commerzbank Tower" and the "Messeturm".

Also, it has a very big airport. visitors´ stereotypes about Germany are almost instantly being destroyed while landing and having a great view of Frankfurt´s skyline.

Oh, and btw. I live there. ;-)

Frankfurt am Main

A large german town with something like 500.000 inhabitants, located in the middle west of Germany. Frankfurt am Main is famous as financial capital of Germany. There are not only the sky-scrapers of the most important german banks (like Deutsche Bank or Commerzbank), but also the European Central Bank. Frankfurt is also famous for the airport, which is most important international airport for Germany and for the Buchmesse, the largest book exhibition in the german-speaking world.

If you go back in history, Frankfurt was the place were Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was born (the university is named after him) and were the first democratic parliament in Germany was located (Paulskirche).

Frankfurt an der Oder

Another german town named Frankfurt, located at the river Oder in east Germany near the border to Poland. It's seat of the Viadrinna, an university which tries to integrate the german-polish borderland.

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