"The Third Room"
German electronica artist, real name Andreas Krüger. Andreas already started tinkering with electronics when he was in school, later he was signed by Sven Väth's Harthouse label. He also had several side projects, "Plaste + Elaste", "Perpetuum Mobile", "Solid State" and "Der Stern von Afrika".

When playing live, Andreas is joined by his friend Ralf Uhrlandt. Groove Magazine elected them "Best Liveact" several times in a row. They also distinguished themselves by refusing to perform after the Safri Duo - quote Andreas: "Das war uns einfach zu peinlich." (That was just too embarassing).


1995 Elektro Disco
1996 Mental Modulator
1996 Wellenbad
1999 Raumgleiter
2000 Distanz
2003 Klubraum

Tracks to listen to:
Trommelmaschine, Hale Bopp, Polarstern and Die kalte Gitarre

DDR Interview - http://www.laut.de/vorlaut/interviews/2002/01/23/02457/index.htm

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