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Well, the usual name, age, profession stuff seems not to be too popular around here ... still.
My name is Christoph and I live in Erlangen, Germany. Judge me by my writeups and bookmarks :)

Oh, yes, one request. If you read this, please /msg me. No, serious, I want to know if it matters what's written here!
People who msg'd me so far and earned themselves a laudatory mention:
  1. Glowing Fish
  2. pylon
  3. olmanrvr - an avid homenode reader!
  4. CrAzE
  5. WntrMute - likes to see what the competition is like
  6. unperson - says homenodes do matter
  7. bipolarbear
  8. dannye
  9. chiisuta
  10. agazade
  11. bitriot - thinks homenodes are the most interesting part of e2
  12. Segnbora-t - wants her place on the list too
  13. Monkeylover
  14. Wiccanpiper was here as well
  15. Catchpole came in via Swedish Foreign Policy
  16. tWD likes to take a look at other people's bookmarks
  17. [smileloki
  18. indigoe
  19. RubenAzarja
  20. Halcyonide is curious
  21. wrinkly
  22. tokki is a homenode stalker
  23. posmella lives to read homenodes!
  24. Princess Therion
  25. Oneiromancer
  26. unperson
  27. OldMiner
  28. Taliesin's Muse
  29. NinjaPenguin
  30. Berek wants a place on the list too

Wow, it seems people do read homenodes after all. Too bad I didn't take a note when I started this 'experiment'. I haven't been very active on the site lately though, so it'd be a dubious statistic anyways.

Ok, now for something completely different. This is a list of things I eventually intend to node (or node properly) ... unless somebody beats me to it, that is :) *hint*

And thanks to liveforever for his friendly reception when I joined this fine community :)

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