Helmut Kohl is the former chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany and had the this job for over 16 years form 1982 to 1998. He played an important role in reunification of Germany 1989/90 Since 1998, Gerhard Schröder (SPD) is the chancellor.

He was also head of the German CDU (Christian Democratic Union) for over 25 years. Currently he suffers from a very ugly financial affair, which cost him a lot if his reputation.

The "very ugly financial affair" relates to Dr. Kohl personally accepting some few Million D-Mark donations in cash for his party, the CDU. Thing is, donations to political parties must be declared in Germany, including names of the donators, to prevent corruption, and Kohl is refusing to state the names of the donators, because he "gave his word" to treat them anonymously.

This behaviour, as well as running these donations on segregated, undeclared accounts, is clearly a violation of law. One can only suspect there must have been some connection between the donations and political decisions during his term of office. The word bribery inevitably comes to mind.

Maybe an explanation why alone Mr.Kohl's refusal to name the donators is more or less a criminal offense (of course the politicians took care that it is one which has no punishments associated with it):

  • Article 21 of the German constitution states that (my translation): "Political parties [...] have to give public account of source and usage of their resources as well as their wealth."

  • When becoming German chancellor Mr. Kohl had to swear an oath, which contains according to article 56 of the constitution the following "I vow [...] to protect and observe constitution and federal laws [...] ."

So Mr. Kohl is putting his "word" higher than the German constitution and thereby breaching constitution and his oath at the same time. Also, non-acceptance of the constitution is in Germany a ground for dismissal as civil servant. Mr. Kohl as former head of all civil servants is now really a role model for his former subordinates. Despite all this he is still trying to stylize himself as martyr.

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