Voted off the island this week: ideath.

Still left on the island:
jessicapierce, moJoe, dem bones, theFez, and Uberfetus.

Anonymous Pull Quote from remaining survivor:

"I LIKE TO BE HAPPY! ideath wasn't making me happy. she said fuzzy monkey to me. I don't like that when I've had no frosty beverage for several weeks.

"ideath ridiculed and was the primary resistance to the notion of snazzy bowling shirts with different colors for the men and women. that did not make me happy.

"I was requested on more than one occasion to visit ideath's secret place. she showed it to me. that made me scared. it smelled funny.

"I've seen things like this happen on other worlds and I know what happens in the end. the people who don't know how to climb the mountain will climb your sorry ass and chew it off while you look 'em right in the eyes. ideath is this form of person. it was most necessary that she go. she will not be missed by me.

"I do worry about those left here now. the look in their eyes does not make me happy. my mystical stances seem to be losing their charm as they look at me not unlike a hungry cat eyes the friskies.

"there is one charm I have kept in my token bag to use for this possible outcome. I rub the smiley face and think happy thoughts. the happiest is the idea that one million simoleans will make me very happy. Very happy, indeed.

"die, you rabid scum.... die.... ok?... please?"

Last Week. Next Week.

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