Voted off the island this week: Deborah909

Still left on the island:
jessicapierce, ideath, moJoe, dem bones, theFez, and Uberfetus.

Anonymous Pull Quote from remaining survivor:

"Well, i didn't vote her off. I had better people to spend my vote against! I think it was probably mojoe who spearheaded the effort to vote her out, since he just couldn't stand her ultra-rad feminist babeness. And i was so close to getting her to show me some of her dominatric tricks.. you know, as one professional to another. I will, of course, now have to rip his throat out with my pointy pointy teeth. Grr. If only he didn't smell so bad, after all this time.

"Plus, he kept harping on that cheerleader thing. If that doesn't stop soon, i will be sure to demonstrate my high-kick to him, up close and free of charge. Hmph.

"So now i'm the last massachusettsian here, and the feminist and feminine contingent is down to me and yaypea. Confidentially, i'm getting unnerved by the way thefez looks at the monkeys, and all this frackin' male energy is really bugging me out.. But i can make it. Don't tell anybody i told you that! I'm tough! I can do it! They won't take me without a fight! They must first defeat me in battle... yeah. that's all. Uh, i gotta go."

Last Week. Next Week.

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