Voted off the island this week: jessicapierce.

Still left on the island:
moJoe and dem bones.

Anonymous Pull Quote from remaining survivor:


We could not get the remaining two survivors to comment on the removal of jessicapierce from the island. In fact, all we could get out of either of them was incoherent mumbling about the attempted development of some sort of nuclear device. Both of them are working feverishly at separate locales on some sort of project.

moJoe is now wearing a very large iguana looped around his neck and tied with a Windsor knot. The iguana appears to still be alive. Otherwise, he is completely naked and has several large sores on his body. His left eye has been damaged in some way, and has swollen to the size of an orange. When we tried to get him to comment on the removal of jessicapierce, he jumped up on a large rock and shook his flaccid member at the staff. The drool coming from his mouth was of a very unusual color.

dem bones appears to be in somewhat better shape, but the strong smell of some noxious weed hovers around his head wherever he goes. It's like a permanent fog that allows one to barely see his features. Around his encampment, the severed heads of monkeys are impaled on bamboo shoots which are stuck in the ground in some sort of pattern. The horrible grimaces on the monkeys' faces indicate they did not go quietly.

When we attempted to get a comment from dem bones concerning the removal of jessicapierce, we thought we saw a sly grin through the fog and heard something that sounded like, "one the back of the skull..."

Some thought it sounded more like, "ol' Bullet... a knack for the skully..."

It's hard to tell at this point.

Last week. Next week.

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