Suicide is not a solution. It's a problem. It's an epidemic. Problems are not solutions -- basic high school Science!

Suicide is a permanent end to temporary problems. Note the irony in this.

Killing yourself will not solve your problems. Your problems will still exist, only they will no longer be your own. You may not feel the burden any more, but your friends, family, loved ones, and even your acquaintances, the people who you barely know, even people who you DO NOT know, will still feel it!

It's dumb! Even for the religious, we cannot say with any certainty that we are positive what happens to us when we die. Life is a gift! Why throw it away? Do something with it! If you don't like the way it's going, CHANGE IT! Run away, stay home. Meet some new people, get reacquainted with some old friends. Listen to music, enjoy silence. Just don't brood on whatever is hurting you!

- If you're lonely, talk to people. If you believe you have nobody to talk to, you're wrong. If you only want to talk to one person, and cannot, then get over it, and talk to someone else!
- If you're conscious about your body/self image, exercise.
- If you're conscious about your intelligence, read books. Take classes.
- If you have a problem with an addiction, seek help.
- If you're feeling angry, get it out! Get a canvas, some paint, and annihilate the canvas with your emotions! Don't turn your rage inwards. Don't turn it against others. Turn it against something that's incapable of feeling pain. Use your imagination! You're so creative in thinking of ways of killing yourself, why not think of a way of getting your hostility out without hurting anyone? Including yourself?

People call suicide "the final resort" -- when there's nothing else, there's suicide.

That's bullshit. Because you know why? To be a final resort, it has to be a resort in the first place, it has to be an option.


There is nobody here who wants to see you leave -- embrace life. Find out what it is about life that makes it worth living. For some, this is a life long process. For others, the despair wins out and they give up to easily. Don't give up. Never give up.

Brought to you by the coalition of people who are against you killing yourself.

I'm not arguing with anyone on this topic. I made a serious mistake for not checking "Don't Display in New Writeups".
I agree that suicide isn't always solution. That many people contemplate commiting suicide, and then realize that they were foolish to consider giving up their life. People don't commit suicide because they're conscious about their looks or intelligence. For you to suggest something like that shows that you're way out of your depth here. You've clearly never experienced anything which would make you want to commit suicide. That's not a bad thing. But don't presume that you can provide a solution for people who don't want to live on this planet anymore. You can't talk yourself out of a depression, now matter how much you think you can when you're feeling great.

You're probably always happy, ambitious and excited about life. I'm sure that you think you've been depressed and you'll tell me that if you were able to get out of it, so can anyone else. But you're wrong. Just understand something. People can't talk themselves out of a depression.

It is everyones right, if they so choose, to decide that they don't want to exist anymore.

I'm sure most of you would agree that for every experience you feel, and for every facet of your behavior, there is a physical counterpart in your brain. Your behavior and experiences are subjective manifestations of physical phenomena. Most people have a mechanism in their mind, and their brain, which gives them the desire to live, and the instinct to avoid death. Some people though, have a malfunction in this mechanism and don't see any point in living any longer. If you encounter such a person, or if you know someone who develops such a malfunction, do whatever you can to help them either fix the malfunction, or live as normal a life as possible, despite the malfunction. But if they choose to take their life, do not hold resentment, enmity or any such feelings for this person.

I don't think that anyone should be saying what I'm saying to someone who is depressed. If you know someone who is suicidal, do everything you can to talk him or her out of it. If you can talk him out of it, then suicide, clearly, was not the answer. I agree with you that people should not consider suicide an option because many people choose suicide impulsively, and without thinking it through.

But suicide is an option, and don't hold anything against someone who has committed suicide. Try to understand what they've been through and accept their decision. Also understand that these little nuggets of advice like "read books" or "take classes" will not solve their problems. You must do whatever you can to help them rise out of their depression. But accept their decision, and don't convince yourself that you've been what they've been through. I'm sure it is very painful for anyone who knows someone who has taken his or her own life, but everyone has the right to decide they don't want to continue their life anymore.

I suffer from bipolar disorder and I can therefore understand things from both points of view. I know what it's like to not be able understand why someone would take their life, because I was so happy and motivated. I've also been so depressed that I was considering taking my life. And I'm glad I didn't.

But if someone decides that they don't want to live anymore, don't let that take away any respect that you may have had for them. Don't hold contempt for someone who couldn't continue living their life.

By the way, it was M.C. Escher's belief that if someone was tired of his life, even if he wasn't in deep despair, it was his perogative to end it.

I lived with an intense suicidal depression for almost four years. Everyday I battled against irrationality, selfishness and pain. Depression consumed my life, it took all the joy and happiness away. I always thought I could win the battle becasue just as depression hit new extremes of irrationality I would grab him by the shoulders and shake him. Wake up! What are you thinking? And depression would look at me, tell me he loved me, and that he knew I was right, things weren't really that bad. I fought depression, I told him that he was being selfish, refusing to even think of the possibilities. Depression told me he was tired. He couldn't think of any of the good things. Depression wanted to end it all. Just when I thought I would lose everything, when things were at their very worst, a thought would come to me that would save the day. But only the day, because tommorrow was a whole new battle.

Where did all the joy and happiness go? Depression took it. He didn't mean to, he just did. How could depression be so strong and so weak at the same time? And how could something so terrifying make me stronger? As depression took over my life I fought harder and harder against it, growing stronger and stronger with every battle, yet as I grew stronger so did my depression. One step forward, two steps back. I held depression's hand. I planted my feet in the ground and vowed that somehow we would make it, somehow. I became obsessed with depression. I took him in my arms and hugged him. I studied him. I knew him inside and out. I read books, I watched TV shows and movies. I started seeing a doctor, I wanted to find out how to deal with depression. There were no answers for me.

You can try to tell me that I cannot truly understand suicidal feelings without experiencing them myself. But I did live with depression, his name was Marty. I listened to his thoughts, I tried to argue against them, but I couldn't. The overbearing presence of his depression crushed me. I started to believe he was right. I suddenly couldn't find the good in anything, I saw negative everywhere I went. For about a year and a half after he died I still thought the same things, still had the same views on life. But I did talk myself out of them. When Marty was at his worst stage of the depression he woudl ask me several times a day, what make life worth living? He still cared enough to search for the answer. He didn't want to die. And I believe most people who think about killing themselves don't really want to die. They just can't seem to find another answer. And that's why they need to talk to people. They need to tell people how they are feeling and what they are thinking. Too often Marty would hide his thoughts from people because he didn't want them to know the real Marty. He thought they wouldn't like him. And that's what makes me angry. If he could have let go of his pride and revealed his feelings and thoughts we could have helped him. When I say I am angry with him for being selfish, that is exactly what makes me think it.

Suicide is NOT a solution. And if there is something inside of you that you are worried about telling people, for God's Sakes! tell someone! Don't let things eat you up inside, just tell someone! If you are looking for a solution, there it is! Freedom from your haunting thoughts and feelings. Freedom! Life only tastes sweet to those who can enjoy it, that's the secret of life. So let go of all the crap that is inside you, let the thoughts free, let the memories go, let it all go. What have you got to lose?
Suicide is a terrible thing to do to yourself. Their are other ways to help solve a problem, you don't have to kill yourself. It should never come to that. Suicide is an act where one who chooses to kill themself, but is it really a choice? Some people just hurt so bad that they can't take it anymore. The pain is to much for them. Where are their friends, you may think. Well what if they don't have friends? where's their family? Maybe they don't have a loving one or any family at all.Where's their self-respect? Well, no matter how bad or hard it gets, they should always have that. Self-respect is yours and no one can take it away but you. If you choose to kill yourself, you are choosen to take that self-respect and give it up.

People think that suicide is the answer, but what exactly is it the answer to? It's the answer to death and if you ask me, thats not a very good answer at all. Why leave your friends, your family, and everyone else who has been a part of your life? To make them suffer? Well, then you might be thinking, I am that person with no one. No family, friends, or even a home of my own. There is obviously a reason to why you have no one and the only way to solve that problem is by living, not by killing yourself. By showing yourself I can make friends, I can start my own family, and I can be happy once again.

A real big majority of people who commit suicide are high school students, just like me. High school puts a lot of pressure on you and people use it as an excuse of why they should die or be dead. Im not popular enough, I'm to ugly to go out with anyone, I can't pass this test. Well, thats all it takes is a little effort and you can be beautiful. Maybe not physically, but mentally. you can pass that test, just study. Who needs to be popular, you have a good set of friends. A high school student should be thinking about what they have to look forward to. College, marraige, a family, and a good job. They shouldn't be thinking, this is the end, I have nothing to live for.

Their are ways of getting help and advice before coming to the conclusion of killing yourself. Their are ways of changing your life for the better, not for the worst. Suicide is not a solution, so don't let it be.

Everytime someone starts talking about suicide (either pro or con), there seems to be an instantaneous division of people into two categories. One (called "Shiny Happy People" by some) says "Suicide is WRONG WRONG WRONG and you are bad/evil/wrong/stupid to even consider it!" The other (called "selfish attention hogs" by others) says "You're stupid and you'll never understand, I bet you've never been unhappy a day in your life!"

The first reaction, I have often found, is based in a deep-seated, culturally-enforced fear of death. The second reaction is often an over-reaction to the first. Neither is a particularly good reaction.

Personally, I feel suicide, like abortion, should be the individual's choice. I know it sucks for you if you're the person left behind, but it is not the job of anyone to suffer so that you don't have to go to a funeral. That said, I strongly wish, as I do for abortion, that people are not driven to suicide as an option. People go on and on about stopping abortion or outlawing suicide, and very rarely bother to address the underlying issues which make people consider doing these things.

I hate people who make suicidal gestures. I hate them because they give a bad name to people who can no longer live their lives (especially those who had no choice in the matter*) and need a way out. There are some people out there who just do not belong in this world - do you really want them to continue to suffer?

As for all this nonsense about "if you're unhappy, change it," there is nothing more likely to make someone feel even worse than that phrase. The depressed person already feels bad and self-critical, and telling them that only confirms their worst fears, that they are horribly deficient in some way because they can't be happy. I have been on both sides of this fence, and I can say with certainty, "If we could, we would."

See Also: thoughts on how religious proscriptions came to be, Shiny Happy People,, libertarianism, The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas

* Say, people paralyzed in car accidents or victims of genetic diseases. Sure, there are people who remain cheerful and happy in such circumstances, but others are not and cannot.**
For example, my husband has standing orders with his friends that, if he can't wipe his own ass, they are to kill him, because he probably won't be able to do it himself.

Suicide can be a solution, especially such methods as:

  1. Jumping into a vat of concentrated HCl
  2. Jumping into a vat of concentrated H2SO4

Bear in mind that some items (dental fillings, glasses, jewelry, false teeth, etc) may not dissolve.

see amelinda there are more sides to this than pro and con, there's the so pro that everyone suspects you're actually a con being sarcastic. it's called black humor an i believe there's a place for it in every suicides life.

The way I see it, if things are so bad that suicide appears to be your only option, then things can only get better.

This is why---and it's the only reason why---I haven't committed suicide yet.

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