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I wish I knew.
School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh
'Though I May Not Have Lived A Virtuous Life, At Least I Can Say "I've Lived"'
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Segnbora-t is cool. She sent me a postcard. It had the Lion King on it.

Wuukiee is cool. I sent her some Jaffa Cakes, and she told me I rock. That's cool.

britnoders are cool. All of them. Even the American ones.

gounthar and OneDragons are cool. They were my mentees, and they write some fantastic stuff for the database. Say hi to them if you happen to pass.

mofaha is cool. He helped me a lot with the e2 language evolution project.

nine9 is cool. Weird, but cool. He introduced me to this site in the first place. I've never known whether to thank him or blame him.

grundoon is fantastically cool. And a redhead. Sometimes.

I am the Wonkoalition's official Mad Scientist Extroadinaire. Our current goal is nothing less than world domination.

I am a britnoder.

I am a megalomaniac, but there doesn't seem to be a usergroup for that.