Suicide is a terrible thing to do to yourself. Their are other ways to help solve a problem, you don't have to kill yourself. It should never come to that. Suicide is an act where one who chooses to kill themself, but is it really a choice? Some people just hurt so bad that they can't take it anymore. The pain is to much for them. Where are their friends, you may think. Well what if they don't have friends? where's their family? Maybe they don't have a loving one or any family at all.Where's their self-respect? Well, no matter how bad or hard it gets, they should always have that. Self-respect is yours and no one can take it away but you. If you choose to kill yourself, you are choosen to take that self-respect and give it up.

People think that suicide is the answer, but what exactly is it the answer to? It's the answer to death and if you ask me, thats not a very good answer at all. Why leave your friends, your family, and everyone else who has been a part of your life? To make them suffer? Well, then you might be thinking, I am that person with no one. No family, friends, or even a home of my own. There is obviously a reason to why you have no one and the only way to solve that problem is by living, not by killing yourself. By showing yourself I can make friends, I can start my own family, and I can be happy once again.

A real big majority of people who commit suicide are high school students, just like me. High school puts a lot of pressure on you and people use it as an excuse of why they should die or be dead. Im not popular enough, I'm to ugly to go out with anyone, I can't pass this test. Well, thats all it takes is a little effort and you can be beautiful. Maybe not physically, but mentally. you can pass that test, just study. Who needs to be popular, you have a good set of friends. A high school student should be thinking about what they have to look forward to. College, marraige, a family, and a good job. They shouldn't be thinking, this is the end, I have nothing to live for.

Their are ways of getting help and advice before coming to the conclusion of killing yourself. Their are ways of changing your life for the better, not for the worst. Suicide is not a solution, so don't let it be.