First aired in 1997.

  • Scorpion, Part 2

  • The Gift

  • Day Of Honor

  • Nemesis

  • Revulsion

  • The Raven

  • Scientific Method

  • Year of Hell, Part 1

  • Year of Hell, Part 2

  • Random Thoughts

  • Concerning Flight

  • Mortal Coil

  • Waking Moments

    The crew of the USS Voyager is attacked by a species who occupy a parallel reality in the human dreamstate. Only Chakotay, with his native knowledge of waking dreams, knows how to lead a counterattack.

  • Message in a Bottle

    A Starfleet ship, the Prometheus, is detected in the Alpha Quadrant, thousands of light years away. After several message attempts fail, Seven of Nine rigs a network of transceivers that enable The Doctor to be transported to the ship to that he can let Starfleet know that the USS Voyager and her crew are still alive. On board, The Doctor discovers that the vessel is an experimental Starfleet prototype with secret advanced technology, including the emergency medical hologram EMH-2, an upgraded - though highly unstable - version of The Doctor's original program.

  • Hunters

    Thanks to the success of The Doctor's previous mission, the USS Voyager has at last made contact with Starfleet Command by using a far-flung array of alien relay modules to communicate with Earth and let them know that they are, indeed, alive - although many light years away.

    Miraculously, the ship begins receiving messages, transmitted across the vast distances over the same relay system, from relieved family and friends back home. The USS Voyager's crew is elated to finally hear from loved ones after so many years. However, for Captain Janeway and others, their joy is tempered by bittersweet news. Except for the fact that Janeway's lover moved on, and for Voyager's Maquis, they found out that their rebellion was destroyed by the Cardassians and a race from the Gamma Quadrant, the Jem Hadar.

    Many messages are still being held at the module. The USS Voyager proceeds to the alien craft to attempt retrieval of the remaining transmissions. Tuvok and Seven of Nine are ordered to board a shuttle and inspect the craft. Before they can, however, they are captured, beamed aboard an alien vessel and trussed-up like animals as a rude introduction to the Hirogen, a hostile, alien race of hunters. Living for the thrill of the hunt, the Hirogen have targeted the USS Voyager's crew as prey in the latest hunt.

  • Prey

    The USS Voyager encounters a Hirogen ship, adrift, with a critically wounded Hirogen hunter on board. Janeway orders that the alien be beamed into the USS Voyager's sickbay, despite Seven of Nine's warnings that the formidable Hirogen would regard the crew as no more than prey to be hunted and killed. Janeway disavows her concern and brings the Hirogen on board. His presence brings even greater danger when the creature that he has been hunting across space- species 8472, lethal even to the Borg - boards the USS Voyager.

  • Retrospect

  • The Killing Game, Part 1

    Having invaded Voyager and discovered the many uses of the Holodeck, Hirogen hunters have been playing a deadly game with crew members of the USS Voyager, putting them through various scenarios in which they are being hunted down as prey. One of the scenarios takes place in occupied France, with the Hirogen as Nazi SS Officers chasing down Captain Janeway, Seven of Nine, Tuvok and Torres as members of the French Resistance.

    Implanted with subdermal transmitters the crewmembers have no knowledge that they are playing. Only The Doctor, forced to mend the steady stream of wounded crewmembers to sick bay, is conscious of the invaders. He soon figures out a way to disengage Janeway and Seven of Nine, who then must begin to figure out how to defeat the Hirogen at their own game.

  • The Killing Game, Part 2

    All hell breaks loose on Voyager when the "implanted" crewmembers invade the "secret German bunker." Things also get complicated when it turns out that the Hirogen have forced the Voyager crewmembers who were not in the simulation (like Kim) to install additional emitters in the rest of Voyager to expand the hologrid (the Hirogen were hoping to turn the entire ship into a holo-hunting ground)--problems for Kim as Voyager's systems get overloaded by the extra hologrid tech.

    Fortunately, Janeway, Seven, and Doc manage to turn off all the implants in their crewmates using a method Janeway borrows from the French resistance--namely, tossing some dynamite into sickbay, where the control matrix for the implants is located. Janeway is wounded and captured, but manages to get the ear of the Alpha Hirogen. The Alpha Hirogen is concerned that his people are wasting all their lives looking for nothing but the thrill of the hunt, and are doomed to hunt themselves into extinction. Janeway makes a deal with him--if the Hirogens leave, they can get some of Voyager's technology that might be helpful-- replicator tech, holodeck tech, etc. The Alpha Hirogen is concerned enough about his race to agree, but his people turn against him and the fighting continues on board Voyager.

    The Voyager crew finally beat the Hirogen back with a combination of good, old-fashioned firefights and shutting down the hologrid. The Hirogen agree to Janeway's original terms and leave, but with all the damage, Voyager is left a little worse for wear.

  • Vis-a-Vis

    The USS Voyager comes to the aid of an alien, Steth, who claims to be the test pilot of a new spacecraft that has run into trouble. Paris, who has become weary of being on the USS Voyager, volunteers to help him repair his ship. However, Steth is able to copy Paris's DNA and swaps physical appearances with him. Paris is then left behind in Steth's ship while the imposter takes over his duties at the helm and leaves the real Paris behind. It isn't long before "Steth" is confronted by Daelen, another alien who is seeking her original form. Back on the USS Voyager, Janeway suspects something is wrong, but Steth assumes her appearance and takes command.

  • Omega Directive

    The crew is mystified when Captain Janeway begins an important, though highly secretive, operation in response to a strange subspace disturbance. Chakotay finally compels her to tell the crew so that they may help. Janeway explains that the USS Voyager has detected a dangerous, unstable substance called the Omega Molecule. The molecule has the power to destroy space and Starfleet's highly classified operating order is to destroy the Omega whenever it is encountered. Seven of Nine speaks out to say that the Borg believe the Omega can be captured and neutralized for study, which puts her in conflict with Janeway's Starfleet mission.

  • Unforgettable

    The USS Voyager encounters an alien vessel fleeing attack whose sole inhabitant is a female alien asking for Chakotay to help rescue her. The startled Chakotay leads an away mission to the damaged ship to help the alien, Kellin, who claims that she and Chakotay met before. On board the USS Voyager, Kellin claims to have been on the ship not very long ago and she fell in love with Chakotay. Now fleeing her home planet's repressive government, she seeks asylum aboard the starship. Chakotay, though drawn to her, doesn't know whether to believe her or not.

  • Living Witness

    A curious holographic tableau is on display in a Kyrian Museum and the curator, Quarren, explains to visitors how the intervention of the USS Voyager spacecraft started an apocalyptic war on a planet inhabited by two species: the Kyrians and the Vaskans. Ethnic rivalries between the two races are still uneasy, seven hundred years after the USS Voyager has come and gone, and some Vaskan visitors are appalled by the Kyrians reconstruction of history based on a few recovered artifacts. But more damaging information is on the way, when Quarren activates a newly discovered device containing active data. This turns out to be the holograph program The Doctor, who soon finds himself on trial for war crimes attributed to the USS Voyager and its crew over seven centuries ago.

  • Demon

    With fuel dwindling to nothing, the USS Voyager lands on a "demon" planet - so-called because its environment is toxic to human life - to collect from its vast deuterium lode. Both Tom Paris and Harry Kim are suited up in protective gear and sent out to collect the precious deuterium, but return without their protective suits. Instead, it is now the USS Voyager's environment that is poisonous to them.

  • One

    Voyager finds a large nebula in its would take over a year to go around it, or a little over a month to go through it. The only problem is, the nebula is teeming with radiation that would kill the crew. Janeway makes a major decision--she and the rest of the crew place themselves in a special Cryo-containment that will protect them from the radiation, while the Doctor and Seven of Nine, who can withstand the effects, navigate through the nebula.

    With the entire crew now in cryogenic sleep, and only the Doctor for company, Seven of Nine is the only living being walking the ship's hallways. The long and lonely journey through the nebula begins to play tricks on the former Borg's mind as she experiences what humans call "hallucinations." An alien, Trajis Lo-Tarik, also making his way through the nebula, asks to trade some vital supplies, but his presence unleashes a series of events that Seven can't decipher as to whether they are real threats - or even if Trajis himself is real.

  • Hope and Fear

    A promising message from Starfleet brings hope to the Voyager crew as the fourth season comes to a close. The garbled communication, received by Janeway and decoded by an alien named Arturis, provides a way to bring the crew home in just three months. However, they must abandon Voyager and board the USS Dauntless, a state-of-the-art ship powered by a new technology called quantum slipstream drive. Yet the news is not greeted with enthusiasm by everyone. Seven of Nine declines the invitation to return to the Alpha Quadrant, and Janeway suspects that Arturis may have an agenda of his own.

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