Star Trek Voyager
Episode: 76
Season: 4
First aired in: 1997
Stardate: 51425.4

A heavily damaged Voyager is hiding in a class-9 nebula where they hope to make repairs. Due to a malfunction in the ventilation system the nebula's toxic gasses start flowing in. Janeway and Harry Kim set off to find the malfunction with oxygen masks with 9 minutes worth of oxygen. They stay on the flooded deck for 12 minutes and both suffer severe burns to their lungs. Captain Janeway refuses treatment from The Doctor which would get her off her feet for a few days and orders him to give her a shot of trioxine to help her breathing.

On the Temporal Weapon Ship Captain Annorax invites Paris and Chakotay to join him for diner, after 2 months of isolation. Annorax asks their help in making a small change in history such that Voyager never entered Krenim space. Paris refuses because he doesn't trust Annorax. But Chakotay is intrigued by the proposal. Annorax complements him on his insights into space and time, Chakotay replies by saying that professor Vasbinder would have disagreed because Chakotay failed his Temporal Mechanics class.

Meanwhile, Voyager is on the move again. When leaving the nebula they find themselves in a asteroid belt with no deflector. Janeway manages to turn the deflector on by using the manual control, but suffers 3rd degree burns on 60% of her body in the process. The Doctor repairs most of the damage but she still has some scars, because they don't have a dermal regenerator. The Doctor wants to hold her for 2 days for mental observation, but Janeway refuses. The Doctor sees no other option and relieves the captain of her command under Starfleet Regulation 121 section 7. Janeway doesn't want to give up and tells The Doctor that he will have to kill her before she will give up command. The Doctor reminds her that she will be court-martialed. Janeway responds by saying that she would be happy to "face the music" if they get home.

On the timeship Paris talks to the second-in-command Obrist and find out that the entire crew is tired of what they are doing. Captain Annorax tells Chakotay about his first eraser from time. He erased his people's greatest enemy, which made his people powerful again but also made them vulnerable to an epidemic. The second eraser from time caused his own world with all his family to be erased. That was 200 years ago -- in all that time he had tried to restore Kyana 1 where his family lived, but is still unsuccessful.

Tom convinces Chakotay that Annorax is crazy and that they should warn Voyager to attack the Krenim ship. Voyager has found two new allies, the Nihydron and the Mawasi and they have equipped them with temporal shields.

Tom plans to take the timeship's temporal core off-line so the ship will phase back in normal time were it is vulnerable to conventional weapons. Tom's efforts almost fail but he gets help from Obrist. They manage to make the timeship vulnerable but all their ships are disabled. Janeway sends Voyager on a suicide collision course with only her onboard. Voyager crashes into the timeship, destabilizing the temporal core erasing the timeship and all damage that it has done.

Voyager starts back at Day 1 were they find another Krenim empire without a timeship. They set a course around the Krenim space an continue on their way home.

Guest Cast:
John Loprieno as Obrist
Kurtwood Smith as Annorax
Peter Slutsker as Krenim Commandant

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