From The Tick: The Animated Series. It originated in episode #13 of The Tick, The Tick Vs. Arthur's Bank Account. At the begining of the episode The Tick and Arthur decide to come up with battle cries. While eating a bowl of Drama Flakes(successful and attractive people love Drama Flakes), The Tick cries out, "Spoon!". Arthur chooses, "Not in the face! Not in the face!", as his battle cry. After this The Tick goes out and spends all of Arthur's money on crime fighting gear, causing a fight between The Tick and Arthur. The Tick, upset about the fight with Arthur, gives up crime fighting. A band of villians(The Human Ton, Toon-La, Man Eating Cow, The Terror, Joseph Stalin, and Handy) lead by The Terror, a 115 year-old villian, try to take over The City causing The Tick to get back to doing what he does best.

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