A spontaneous show of group love. Not in a sexual way, really, more of a display of friendship. Depending on where you are and how many people are involved, group hugs can be warm, tickly, painful, squishy, enlightening, or just plain weird (i.e. the "i'm not sure what I just grabbed a handful of but it's holding me up so I'll keep grabbing" phenomenon).

Many group hugs grow from regular two-person hugs, radiating outward from the centre like a tree growing in circles. This makes the person in the centre feel extra-specially loved. My favorite part is when the group starts to move, ever so slightly, rocking back and forth without saying a word. It's nice to feel like you're a part of something bigger.

Can be followed by an equally exciting group tickle.

GroupHug is a unique confession website located at http://grouphug.us. Users anonymously log in and confess (similar to the Catholic confessional in a way I guess) the wrongs they feel they have committed. These can range from the banal ("I pee in the sink") to the idiotic ("I broke up with my gf cause she annoyed me during a Counter-Strike tourney") to the typical LiveJournal author ("I really like x person, but could never tell x person!") to...well the just bizarre ("Sticking a banana in one's ass hurts, and lubrication is always a good thing").

The site relies on other users moderating the confessions (supposedly they have a few full time mods as well) to ensure that submission rules are not broken. The biggest rule is that no contact information slip through. Which I can kinda see: Otherwise this page would be a great trolling ground for people like...on say for instance readers of a certain website or two. The other most enforced rule is that confessions shouldn't be about other confessions, or the site in general (noding about noding is frowned on elsewhere too, apparently).

Of course there are tons of fake (ie: totally fictional) confessions. But alternating between the totally oddball yet fake confessions and the (supposedly) real and disturbing confessions is the best part. One gets to laugh at the obvious fakery of some of them..then get horrified when they come across a real (and shocking) confessional. It's like a blend of CNN and Stile Project, I guess you could say.

The site also has links to search strings with appropriate phrases (ie: sex, masturbation, boyfriend, etc). Upon visiting these links however, it seems like just another random search string. Nevertheless, it's still cool (in a very E2-esque way).

Grouphug (and Bash.org) has become required downtime reading in my network engineering classes. Nothing kills a little bit of time like wading through some of these confessions and trying to decide which ones are real or not. It's a good way to test one's internal bullshit detector.

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