A chain of strip clubs operating worldwide.

This writeup describes specifically the Las Vegas, Nevada club tucked away behind Industrial Road near the Fashion Show Mall on the strip.

The club is a topless club. At the time of this writing, locals are charged nothing for admission, while out-of-towners are charged $10 or more per person. All patrons are expected to order at least one drink, none priced lower than five dollars each.

The club is unique in the Las Vegas area in that it has two stages instead of one. The second stage barely has room for a dancer, of course, and there's barstools near it instead of regular chairs. There's not much room for entertainment at the second stage (near the building's entrance).

The main stage is larger, but obnoxious lighting messes up the view from most of the seats (it's hard to oggle when there's bright lights shooting into your eyes).

Seating is ample, both at stage side (for the main stage, anyway), and away from the stage.

How do they look? Not bad. No nasty dancers, plenty of attractive dancers, and quite a few lovely dancers.

Hustle factor: The hustle factor at this club is high -- in a recent (two months ago) visit lasting no more than 2 hours, I was approached by no less than forty dancers. Several were very attractive, others weren't. None were "nasty". Several were pretty rude though when I said "no, thank you," and the solicitations for dances never stop. At least one per song, sometimes more. It was quite difficult to get a decent look at the dancers on stage from being pestered so much.

Worth a visit? If you're a local, can say "no" a lot, and are willing to part with about $10 for drinks and tips, sure. It's topless only, though. A bit more money will give you a whole lot more to look at in the nude clubs nearby.

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