The story begins with a trip to Michigan to attend a wedding. It's Friday night. Bachelors party. Saturday is the wedding. I depart with the rest of the boys not knowing where exactly we're heading. I should have guessed however, even though it was mentioned earlier in the day that we would not be going to a titty bar.

And off to a gentlemen's club we went.

Mind you I've never been to a titty bar before, so I was looking for forward to it. Very curious about me being in such an high class establishment.

So we pulled up to what would be the first of two clubs we would visit that evening. We entered, paid the entrance fee and walked to a table. The girls were walking the catwalk, some only in a thong and some with their skimpy outfits which would soon slide off their bodies. And I watched. Some were attractive, some were not. Some did nothing to me and some got a little interest. Saw lots of boobies :) But it eventually got boring so we moved on to another club.

The second club was more interesting. It was larger. The bar actually had a winding runway for the dancers to walk in front of the patrons. We entered and immediately went to the balcony where the comfy chairs were. Many a lap dances were in progress. We leaned over the railing and watched. There was a car suspended near the ceiling.

Eventually one of the dancers walked over to me and started bumping against me. I found myself bumping back playfully, teasing her back (not that I needed to do that). She asked if I wanted a dance. And I ... turned it down! She walked off with a poutty face. I wasn't prepared to say yes at that very second. I don't know what I was thinking. One of the guys leaned over. "Not your type?" Well, she was pretty and was topless, of course she was my type! "Um, dunno." I said and started regretting it immediately. A few patient minutes later another one walked by and tugged on my pony tail. She asked if I was a musician.
"Computer programmer."
"That was my second guess" she responded. Of course I thought.
"I did some programming for a while. What language?"
"Perl." She didn't recognize it.
"Would you like a dance?"
At that moment, someone handed me a 20 and I immediately said yes. I followed her and told her that this was my first time.
"Don't worry I'll take it easy. Sit down here".
She was really really cute btw. And had very cute little breasts. And she was also being very sweet.

So I sat. She laid across on me with her head to my left. And she started talking.
"What do you do?"
"Web development"
"I took some C++ a while back. Too confusing so I'm doing law right now."
"Oh? What year?"
"I'll be graduating in May. Where are you from?"
"I wanted to attend Boston College but it was too expensive. Ok let's get started."
She got up and took the 20, "So what are my limits?"
"Can't touch the breasts and crotch."
And she started her dance. Sliding over me, with her breast over my face when she moved up. What can I say, I was, umm, immediately in heaven. She was gentle and soft. I started caressing her legs and sides. She moved to different positions, lying on me, face down and face up. She gently massaged me with her leg. At one point she got up and sat down with her back to me and started humping. Humping hard. And she went back to the more gentle acts from before. She was soft and beautiful. And it was over too soon. She laid back across me one last time
"Hope you liked it."
"Yes I did. Thank you." I said with a smile. She smiled back and seemed to appreciate it. It was her job but she was being very sweet. I remembered that smile for the rest of the night.

I joined the other guys, with a satisfied grin on my face. I wanted one more. Just one more for the night. I kept watching the dancers below. The suspended car was lowered and 2 dancers got on it and started playing. Some suggestive and some explicit lesbian acts. Eventually another dancer came by. Yes I said again. This dancer pretty much wanted to get the job done. It was like 15 minutes before closing time. She danced her sensual dance, sliding, and caressing. I in turn caressing her legs, ass an back. She was caressing her breast and nipple against my goatee. She was a little stronger in her dance. In fact I was getting very close to coming but managed to hold back. The dance ended but it was near closing time so she offered a second dance. I took it. The dance continued. Some more minutes of a hot female body against me. At one point I had my eyes closed. And then opened to find a breast in front of my face. And it ended.

I got back to the guys and we headed for the stairs. On the way I saw the first lap dancer walking the opposite direction, she smiled and waved. I waved back.

"No, we can't tell them where we were" "Ok" We finished the pizza slices at the restaurant and finally headed home.

I had lap dances tonight and for some reason wanted to tell my friends about it. Instead I ended up lying and saying nothing happened. I don't think I fooled them though. The next day at the wedding reception the word got out and I was renamed lapdancemonkey :)

Even on the trip back to Boston Sunday night, I was still thinking of the first dancer. I was trying to figure out how sincere her sweetness was. It may well have been sincere, towards someone getting his first lapdance. But then again, I did encountered her at her place of employment.

I'd like to think it was sincere.

Looking for something real in a titty bar.

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