Anyone who has ever heard a flatmate or, for that matter, anyone having sex, is familiar with the sounds of copulation. These sounds are impossible to define as there is such a wide variety of noises made by people and sex... instruments. As such, this is by no means a definitive list, but rather a haphazard grouping of common sounds most people associate with sex.

There's the basic low moans, heavy breathing and panting. Following that, there are often higher-pitched and more frequent moans or squeaks, screams and grunts. After which comes a quiet time with reflective and contented sighs, and usually, eventually, the sounds of sleep.

Where the sex is happening also contributes to the sounds of sex. There's bed squeaking, thumping and the bed-head banging against the wall, table slapping, couch creaking, water splashing, etc, etc... not to mention bed breaking, table smashing, couch destroying and drowning (which actually occurred when a female was once going down on her boyfriend in the ocean and he, caught up in the joys of orgasm, held her head under the water too long so that she died).

Then there's vibrator buzzes, whip cracks, whipped cream cans being shaken and used, quiet whispers, louder sex talk and the sound of skin slapping against skin.

Sure, you can't define the noises, but once you've heard them, they're impossible to forget. Which isn't a good thing if it's your parents you heard going at it in the middle of the night...

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