A semi-legendary DC band who was around from roughly 1986-1991. Soul Side was a near textbook example of how to combine dissonance, quirky song structures, and raspy, soulful vocals. Considering the fact that the very latest of their records is over a decade old it would be reasonable to say that they were far ahead of their time.

The music was so new and jolting to me when I first heard this band that I thought my tape player was acting up. I was wrong though and my initial reaction was only the first twinges of growing to consider this band one of my all time favorites and very influential on my as a guitar player. The way the songs were assembled was so different from what I was used to that it took some getting used to before I was able to fully grasp what these guys were up to.

There were weird, ringing guitar parts all over the place, muffled and distorted one minuted and clear and resonant the next. The drums are staccato yet driving with innovative fills and total commitment to building the song instead of the usual preoccupation with technical flash. The vocals were something else entirely. I don't think that Bobby Sullivan has much range compared to the average singer but within his limits he conveys so much anger, pain, and hope that his voice is difficult to listen to at times.

In their relatively short career they only released three recordings:

  1. Trigger - the first LP which was recorded in 1987.
  2. Bass/103 - a 3 song 7" single recorded in 1988
  3. Hot Bodi-gram - the final LP recorded in 1990.

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