Isotope 217 are a band formed in Chicago in 1996. Its members include Chicago Rob Mazurek on trumpet, as well as Jeff Parker, Dan Bitney and John Herndon from Tortoise. Their albums tend to genre jump between post-rock and Jazz. Their albums have almost exclusively been released by Chicago super label Thrill Jockey.

They have released three albums:

They released an EP titled "Commander Mindfuck" on the Aesthetics label in 1999, to accompany the full length release Utonian Automatic.

Their first few albums were fairly good experiments in improvised jazz-rock/fusion, while their most recent outing, Who Stole the I Walkman? broke new ground, combining elements of German Minimalism and Electronica along with the jazz and post-rock. In my opinion, Who Stole the I Walkman?, is Isotope 217's best album to date. One of its best features, is that it's like a window, showing what's inside, and what they're are capable of, while not overpowering you. All Music Guide rates is lower than all of the other Isotope 217 albums, but if you look harder, you'll also see that some of Isotope 217s best songs are songs from this album. The cover for Who Stole the I Walkman? is also an obvious reference to the Louisville hardcore/thrash band Squirrel Bait, which is often said to be the band that all post-rock stems from.

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