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Art, Music, philosophy, that "good" feeling that comes in through your spine and spreads itself through your entire body...
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Justice is revenge cloaked in a socially accepted ritual.
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this is old. now I am a history major at the university of alberta, in edmonton. I don't dig on philosophy any more. I am older, wiser, and probably not a great writer... but that hasn't changed. I don't contribute anymore. the following in merely for posterity...

I'm am mostly here to learn and to improve my writing and html skills, so if you have any constructive critisism, feel free to email me at,

here is a new list of nodes I want to write, unfortunatly, or maybe not quite so, the mostly revolve around music and obscurities... not only that, but they mostly revolve around dischord records and it's offspring, and when I'm competing with goneaway, that makes my job that much harder. oh well, maybe I'll have to node something else...

  • At the drive in
  • dripping with drool from the nerves of this sentence
  • embrace
  • the faith
  • dischord records
  • don zientara
perhaps I should just do nodes on musical philosophy, like New Jazz, I think it'd be much more fun than in depth nodes on albums, and song lyrics, and daylogs... I've also decided to avoid negative feedback by hiding all my lyric nodes, so as not to draw attention to them. As well, now that I've reached level two, and am wanting to add more actual content to E2, I am opening up my scratchboard, though it should be pretty empty right now...

amarcord mentioned once that philosophy had outlived it's usefulness, while I disagree, I believe that a lack of any original thought in recent times, as well as an oversaturation of poser-philosopers, has created a stagnation in the art. Much like the art world is pulling itself out of now, after the disasters of abstract-expressionism and derivitives...

noders who have C!ed me, and will forever have my gratitude... flamingweasel: New Jazz simonc: Kill Yr Idols syntax_: 13 Songs wertperch: Anne Sexton

special shoutout to wertperch for all the help

Books I am currently reading: the age of reason - jean-paul sartre the fellowship of the ring - j.r.r. tolkien great expectations - charles dickens introducing: buddha - jane hope & borin van loom moving forward: program for a participatory economy - micheal albert