The final Soul Side record released in 1991. It was recorded entirely in Holland.

This was it. Another record that refused to leave my turntable for well over a month. When it was brand new it was so original it hurt and even now, almost ten years later, it still sounds pretty amazing. I still rip off the guitar parts.

This was probably the best that Soul Side had in them and in retrospect I'm kind of glad that this was the last record for them. I think anything else would have paled in comparison. The guitar sounds like some monstrous, chugging machine at times and then switches into a foggy haze of echoing notes that seem to hang in the air forever. The whole album is filled with an aching beautiful that sometimes finds release in downright ugly noise. Bobby Sullivan's vocals sound saturated with emotion and filled with ominous overtones of the end being near.

The production is both distant and crisp which fits perfectly with the feelings evoked by both music and lyrics. I had some misgivings about even typing up the lyrics since they are cryptic without the context of the music. Oh well, if they don't make sense, get the record.

The packaging fits the theme with disconnected, scratchy graphics and no coherent central image.

The Songs

  1. God City
  2. What
  3. Punch the Geek
  4. Clifton Wall
  5. New Slow Fucky
  6. Pembroke
  7. Hate Music
  8. New Fast Fucky
  9. Bad Show
  10. A Love Supreme
  11. Crazy - an insane screaming cover of the Hank Williams song.

released by Dischord Records.

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