The 1998 record from Soul Side. It was the first recording from them under this name.

This is also the first time that I heard Soul Side. This one is a little more linear than their later releases with less chaotic arrangements and feedback. The songs are already headed in that direction though. The call and answer guitar lines (which is strange since there is only one guitar player in the band) are prominent and the vocals are a little more less disciplined than they will be in the future. These songs are faster and shorter than what is yet to come.

The packaging is almost creepy with no distinct images but blurry, grainy silhouettes and vague but suggestive blobs that may or not be the band members. Especially interesting is the main image on the front cover. The person-blob may be holding a guitar or a machine gun. This design work would be horribly redundant currently but at the time it was pretty fresh looking given how formulaic most punk rock record layouts were.

The Songs

  1. Baby
  2. Trigger
  3. Name In Mind
  4. Problems Faced When Travelling
  5. War - this is a cover
  6. K.T.T.K.
  7. Pocket Hurts
  8. Forgiveness

released by Dischord Records.

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