A city (town?) in southeastern Arizona. About 3 hours south of Phoenix on I-10. Population is currently about 50,000 and growing. Home of Buena High School, the one and only high school in the area. Also home to US Army Fort Huachuca. The climate is not typical of Arizona. At about 6,000', it only reaches 102 F during the summer, and 25F during the winter. The nearby Huachuca Mountains offer a wide array of hiking and mountain biking.

Sierra Vista (Sorry Vista to its more disgruntled members) also is home to quite a large number of retired military people, due to its proximity to Ft. Huachuca and the warm climate. Sierra Vista also happens to be located pretty close to the Mexican border, meaning we get our fair share of immigrants passing through. Sierra Vista is in Cochise County, and is home to Cochise College as well. The hot button issue in town is usually developers vs. environmentalists- the town is constantly under the threat of running out of water. The nearby Huachuca Mountains (literally, "Thunder Mountain", which makes "Huachuca Mountains" "Thunder Mountain Mountains") offer some pretty decent hiking, although it's much better late in the year, when you don't have that hot Arizona sun beating down upon you.

Sierra Vista is also around 80 miles southeast of Tucson, and the drive is a little over an hour.

Sierra Vista is Spanish for "Mountain View". The town used to be called "Fry, Arizona", but the name was changed to promote tourism (see Greenland).

Sierra Vista is also home to the FIRST McDonald's drive-through window, from back in the 1950's.

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