Cochise County is the farthest southeastern county in Arizona, and is rectilinear. The county seat is Bisbee. Cochise County is home to roughly 125,000 people, with almost 50,000 living in the Sierra Vista area. Cochise County is where Tombstone is located, in case you want to see the world-famous O.K. Corral. Cochise County has very little water, a nicely warm climate (cooler than both Phoenix and Tucson, due to most of the county being at a higher altitude than either), and some of the weirdest people you could possibly find. Cochise County is home to desert rats, ex-hippies, current hippies, right-wing fundamentalists, and even a few college students. Most people don't like the heat in the summer, but I like not having to own a pair of long pants or real shoes.

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