Coco Loco is a bar in Nogales, Mexico. It is a 30 second walk from the American border and caters to Americans looking to get drunk in a new setting. It is also a popular destination for teens in southern Arizona who can legally drink in Mexico at the age of 18. On Friday and Saturday nights it is crammed full of fun-loving Mexicans, students from the University of Arizona, and all manner of ruffians. It has some sort of business deal with the Tucson, Arizona radio station 93.7 KRQ, bringing American music and even more Americans. The bar also has a lack of strippers, making the hot babes of the U of A prefer it over other dirty Mexican strip clubs.

“Stairs up to the second floor, stares from those already there. Hotter than hell and probably more sinful. Hardwood floors worn by countless dancing stumbling feet. Covered with beer–-bottles glass alcohol gross. Glowing neon and pounding bass. Drunk college scholars and drunk penniless drinkers. Up and down together apart. Joy by the shot, fun by the song. Friends smiling. Without them who are you? Just another face in the crowd, another American wallet, just another guy having a blast. Traffic outside like liquid coming from the bar, constant and uncontrolled. If i was to run for 5 minutes from this place where would I be? On my own hopeless, lost, and drunk, so this is the glowing sweaty warm little center to my world. Time passes faster after sitting at the bar, you’ll learn all the Spanish you need. Uno mas, uno mas, uno mas. Met people you’ll never see again. I wonder where she is now. I tattoo these pages with foggy memories of last night, of what happens in that dirty foreign fake wonderful place. The place where I feel out of place and don’t want to leave at all.”
August 20, 2000

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