1994 John Waters movie starring Kathleen Turner as a serial killer and a loving mother all rolled into one.

It really starts turning into a bloodbath at the end as Mom kills anyone who makes anyone in her family upset. A must see.

Also stars Ricki Lake, Sam Waterston, and Patty Hearst in a great cameo.

Serial Mom, besides the John Waters movie starring Kathleen Turner, is a term where a woman immediately seeks to become pregnant soon after giving birth as soon as possible. They feel that their lives are meant for having children, even when they're having issues with income and keeping the kids they have clothed and fed. The women can be married or single, and may inform their significant other that they are on birth control when they are not.

I've known two women who were like this. One was married to a husband she never saw because he worked multiple jobs, although they had to see each other at least once every ten months to conceive another child. The other was on welfare and had a different father for each of her nine kids. For some of her children she didn't even know the name of their father. She felt a biological urge to remain pregnant because she felt like someone wanted and was depending on her. While I'm not sure what this would fall under in the DSM-V, it must certainly be part of several mental health issues that may be treated with therapy and/or medication.

There are also some religions that promote very large families, several which have had their own television shows.

Iron Noder 2017

  1. 'Stay at home' didn't describe
  2. the type of mother I was.
  3. I was the woman who took
  4. her newborn to the beach
  5. when she was four days
  6. old. We went to restaurants,
  7. visited my relatives, and ate
  8. whatever I had packed at
  9. various parks in the area.
  10. One day I thought that the
  11. girls and I would benefit
  12. from a trip to the zoo. It
  13. was dreadfully hot that day.
  14. Both girls were languid,
  15. I blamed the heat and
  16. purchased a popsicle that
  17. the three of us shared.
  18. We listened to Vivaldi on
  19. the way home. It was a
  20. good trip I thought to
  21. myself as I pulled into the drive.
  22. Before unpacking the girls
  23. I noticed one was feverish
  24. and the other had signs of
  25. an ear infection. Back to
  26. the pediatrician we went,
  27. it seemed like we had just been
  28. there, double ear infections for
  29. both girls. More antibiotics,
  30. eye drops for the one whose baby blues
  31. were now bright burning red.
  32. Stay at home mother? Working mom?
  33. "I miss Daddy!" She wailed.
  34. I was up late that night, discreet 
  35. disposal of a corpse takes time.

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