The title of a very cheesy porno movie.

Basic plot synopsis:

The movie open with the worst computer generated spaceshit i have ever seen. Alien observer / sexpot discusses how she has landed on Earth to acquire knowledge of humans, and has discovered that we have the best sex in the galaxy. As a result, she has decided to become a fugitive from the other aliens and remain on earth to experience all it's "pleasures". Two other aliens then teleport down to earth completely naked, and begin their serch for the fugitive. The next 90 minutes are basicly sex scenes with breaks of meaningless chatter while the aliens track down the fugitive observer throughout Los Angles, while also being followed by two humans and the Men In Black. Any dialogue in the movie may be recreated using this template:
Alien 1: Our Target was here! Let's review transmission logs!
Cut to sex scene...
Alien 2: Wow! I'm continuing to understand why these humans enjoy stimulation so much
Alien 1: Look! There's someone having sex...
cut to sex scene...
Alien 2: Hmmm.. Let's ask this human if they know anything
Human: Your friend was quite the party animal. I remember her well, but she's not here
cut to sex scene...
Alien 1: Thank you for your help
Exit Aliens...enter Stalker
Guy Stalker:They were here! My beeping flashlight says so!
Girl Stalker:Your're an idiot!
Human: If your looking for those weird people, they just left.
Guy Stalker: We've almost got them..lets go!
Girls Stalker: you're an idiot, I don't know why I'm still following you..


Repeat that about 5 times over a 90 minute period, and that is your movie. The thrilling climax (no pun intended) is when the two aliens retrieve the fugitive's VR programs from a VR porno fantasy shop and try to record them into their ship's computer. This triggers a trojan horse VR program, in which the fugitive's avatar explains that she knew they would come looking for her, but they really should say "to hell with orders" and stay here on earth and have sex a lot instead. They immediatley agree. Just then the two human stalkers finally catch them, but the aliens do not run. Instead, they offer to create an intergalatic swingers group. It's also revealed that the mysterious "man in black" is really the fugitive alien in disguise, and she explains that her new mission on earth is to help humans get some.

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