Serial means the data arrives bit by bit, analagous to an army arriving by marching in a single file. Compared to Parallel where the data arrives a full byte (byte equals eight bits) at a time. Similiar to the same army marching in columns of eight.

Se"ri*al (?), a.


Of or pertaining to a series; consisting of a series; appearing in successive parts or numbers; as, a serial work or publication.

"Classification . . . may be more or less serial."

H. Spencer.

2. Bot.

Of or pertaining to rows.


Serial homology. Biol. See under Homology. -- Serial symmetry. Biol. See under Symmetry.


© Webster 1913.

Se"ri*al, n.

A publication appearing in a series or succession of part; a tale, or other writing, published in successive numbers of a periodical.


© Webster 1913.

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