September 1

The Kalends of September, a dies fasti when legal action is permitted.


  • Feast of St. Giles, patron of handicapped, and day of the St. Giles' Fair in Oxford, England.
  • Day of the Eccles Wake in Lancashire.
  • Festival of Thargelia in Greece, similar to the Olympics.
  • Start of the rainy season in Egypt

    Important Events:

  • 5509 BCE: World created, according to the Byzantine Church.
  • 891: Arnulf defeated the Vikings at the battle of Louvain, Belgium
  • 1494: Charles VIII of France invads Italy in order to claim the throne of Naples
  • 1858: The East India Company's rule of India ends with the British crown taking over.
  • 1823: Major earthquake shakes Yokahama, Japan, nearly destroying Tokyo
  • 1939: Adolf Hilter invades Poland, starts World War II
  • 1969: Quaddafi overthrows Libyan government, declares himself president.
  • 1985: The Titanic found by US and French explorers.

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