Seether Is:
Shaun Morgan - vocals, guitar, songs
Dale Stewart - bass, vocals
Nick Oshiro - drums

No one wishes to die without making a statement and having an impact - especially if they are an artist. For most, this desire is filled with pretense, but occasionally someone comes along whose intensions are more humble - to leave the world better than they found it. -

Coming from South Africa, an unlikely place to find good rock, Seether formed in 1999 (originally known as Sarin Gas before they knew its true meaning). Their release in that country, Fragile, was one of the best-selling titles of the year.

Singer/Guitarist/Songwriter Shaun Morgan's motivation and inspiration came from a lack of acceptance. Due to his English heritage (on his father's side), his Afrikaans mother's devout Christian family held him in disregard. Meanwhile, his paternal family rejected him for his love of rock music. According to the website, at one point Shaun held both a gun and a guitar. Thankfully, he chose the latter.

Seether's first American release, Disclaimer, was produced by Jay Baumgardner of Papa Roach and Drowning Pool. Morgan's powerful lyrics add to tracks such as Sympathetic, and the first US single, Fine Again. In the Fine Again music video, the viewer sees many people holding up signs, revealing their innermost thoughts and casting a different light on people who could otherwise be regarded as fine. The concept of the video became so popular, that it has spawned a website. At, you can upload a picture of yourself (or, if you're a wuss, use one of the placeholders), and add on a sign. What would your sign say?


Seeth"er (?), n.

A pot for boiling things; a boiler.

Like burnished gold the little seether shone. Dryden.


© Webster 1913.

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