- website resembling in some ways E2

Upon entering the site, there is the description, in light blue on a blue background,
blather is words. bunches of words, strewn about in a twisty tangly web of pontification, insight and nonsensical delight.

but really it's an experiment to see what shape this will take when left at your mercy. take a gander and let us know what you think.

Blather is anarchistic, left at the mercy of the people who use it... call it a social experiment. It mainly consists of pages, under the heading of a single word, which people write about, somewhat like Everything. Like in Everything, the pages are closely linked together. Unlike in Everything, the links are automatically created. Every single word that has a page associated with it is linked. Like Everything, there's a fanstastic amount of sheer... stuff, written for different reasons. Unlike Everything, blather is anarchistic. There is no XP, no users, no logging in, no editors, no administrators. There is only the ability to blather on a page. Nothing is ever deleted. People are identified by what they have written, and the name they have chosen to use. Nothing stops you from using any name you want.


  • A "recent" page, listing today and yesterday's blathes
  • a "who" page, listing "usernames" that have blathed recently
  • a script that can tell you everything blathed on a given day
  • There is also blather red, which is the same as the main blather, but smaller, giving it a different feel

But this isn't the important part. The important part is that blather is beautiful. It's anonymous, so people can pour out their souls without fear of discovery... there's no obligation to identify ourself - there are endless tales of unrequited love in its pages. Though you can change your name every time you post, most don't - there's community there, people who have been there for years. Nobody makes money off blather, there are no ads, just a server sitting somewhere, with a MySQL database containing all the blathes and a perl script or two. The creators don't seem to have posted for years. But it is not dead.

To add things, you simply leave a name, type whatever you please, and leave your mark on that word's page. Anything written stays there forever. Random ranting, heartachingly beautiful poetry, spam, everything.

Random facts: Some of the most blathed words are love, fuck, sex, and 100_facts_about_me. The source code is available, GPL-licensed... Blather began on August 19, 1998.

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