A short album by South African band Just Jinger:

Brent Harris - Drums, persussion, vocals Art Matthews - Vocals, guitar, percussion Verny Scholtz - Guitar, piano, brass, vocals Denholm Harding - Bass* Tuxx Mothomme - Bass

  1. Stayed a Boy
  2. Paradise in the Summertime
  3. Wrong Again*
  4. Like You Madly
  5. Sugarman*
  6. Today Again*

I've always thought that Just Jinger are catchy as fuck, and this CD certainly is.

Stayed a Boy starts the cd off with wah-soaked guitar, and Art's insanely catchy voice. When the song picks up the pace, it just gets so mouch energy. I love it.

Paradise in the Summertime us an upbeat song praising the summer(obviously). More classic Just Jinger energy.

I've seriously had every one of these songs stuck in my head in one time or another. Like You Madly is just ridiculously cool, as is their cover of Rodriguez' Sugarman.

Wrong Again and Today Again are more mellow, piano-based songs, but still just as enjoyable. This is a seriously awesome CD.

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