The Secret Service routinely assigns code names to political figures. Many of the names are recycled from administration to administration, but some names are invented to match the personality of the protectee. For instance, Al Gore was originally "Sawhorse", because of his wooden personality. Mike Dukakis was "Peso" because he was considered cheap, and Dan Quayle was "Scorecard", because he spent so much time on the golf course. A partial listing below:


Vice Presidents First Ladies Other American Figures Foreign Dignitaries Positions Objects and places also receive code names. Air Force One is referred to as Angel, or alternately 'Cowpuncher'. The Capitol Building is 'Punchbowl', and Camp David is either 'Buckeye' or 'Cactus'. The White House Situation Room is the 'Cement Mixer', and Dulles is 'Curbside'.

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