Schiller is Christopher von Deylen and Mirko von Schlieffen, two Germans producing a unique brand of melodic trance. Their music is, in its own right, a distinct and entertaining blend of trance, leaning towards ambient...layered with the occasional heavy bassline. But the uniqueness, you ask? The uniqueness is derived from a technique many DJs use to add flavor and character to their mix, sampling. Okay, let's clarify that before I'm lynched...Schiller samples spoken German poetry, most commonly that of their namesake; Friedrich Schiller, a nationally beloved poet of the 18th century. The combination of these elements makes for some interesting results, some of which bears a resemblance to Enigma, or Deep Forest.

Schiller, already popular in Germany in the late nineties, broke into the UK dance scene with the single "Das Glockenspiel", which was first played by Tiesto at the Gatecrasher Summer Soundsystem. As Schiller gained popularity, remixes of their songs began popping up more frequently, being played by DJs including Sumsonic, Humate, Sasha and Digweed and Judge Jules. Several tracks were also licensed to Sasha and Danny Tenaglia's Global Underground albums, further solidifying Schiller's place in the scene.

Schiller is a member of the Trance Allstars, which is composed of Taucher, Talla 2XLC, Schiller, ATB, Sunbeam and DJ Mellow-D.

For a good taste of Schiller, I'd recommend a few of their popular tracks, Unendlich, Ruhe, and Das Glockenspiel. An interesting fact about Ruhe: the male vocals are a german dub of Fox Mulder from X-Files. (a very successful show in Germany)

Discography (not exhaustive, there are far too many singles)

This compiled discography may be inaccurate, as I've found a lot of contradictory information. The discography as a whole seems to be quite a conflict :\


Schil"ler (?), n. [G., play of colors.] Min.

The peculiar bronzelike luster observed in certain minerals, as hypersthene, schiller spar, etc. It is due to the presence of minute inclusions in parallel position, and in sometimes of secondary origin.

Schiller spar Min., an altered variety of enstatite, exhibiting, in certain positions, a bronzelike luster.


© Webster 1913.

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