German pop-techno band Sash!, founded in 1995, consists of producers/DJs Sascha Lappessen(frontman of the band, named it and is seen in the videos), Thomas Alisson and Ralf Kappmeier. Their first single "It's My Life" was soon followed by the hit French single "Encore Une Fois" which sold over two million copies worldwide. Sash! has also released three albums, "It's My Life"(1997), "Life Goes On"(1998) and "Trilenium"(2000).

Sash! has no dedicated singer, instead several other artists have supplied vocals when needed, including:
Sabine Ohmes ("Encore Une Fois"), Rodriguez ("Ecuador", "Adelante"), Tina Cousins ("Mysterious Times", "Just Around The Hill", "With My Own Eyes") and Shannon ("Move Mania").

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