Used as a metaphor for orgasm by John Donne, who is also noted (among many other things) for making the first use of the word "sex" in its contemporary sense.

Also the name of a hugely successful series of mix session CDs, made by Dutch superstar DJ Tiësto.

The series currently contains 6 volumes, they are:
Magik 1 - the First Flight
Magik 2 - Story of the Fall
Magik 3 - Far From Earth
Magik 4 - A new Adventure
Magik 5 - Heaven Beyond
Magik 6 - Live in Amsterdam

It is worth noting that the first three installations of the Magik series are the best selling non-promoted mix records ever.

Fall 2001, the series has been expanded by one more cd, Magik 7 - Live in Los Angeles.

A super-hero published by Marvel Comics. Magik first appeared in Giant Size X-Men #1.

Illyana Rasputin was the youngest child of Nikolai and Natalia Rasputin. The Rasputins liven in Baikal Lake, Siberia in the USSR where they worked as farmers. Illyana's oldest brother, Mikhail, was an astronaut who was believed to have been killed in a launch accident, but later was found to have been transported to another dimension through the use of his emerging mutant powers. Illyana's other brother, Piotr, worked on a their parents' farm using his mutant ability to transform into an organic metal form with great strength for the good of the commune. One day, Piotr was approached by Charles Xavier, the leader of the mutant hero team, the X-Men, to join the team. Piotr left Russia and fought with the X-Men for many years.

One of the X-Men's enemies, the villain Arcade, kidnapped a number of loved ones of the X-Men including Illyana to get the heroes to protect him from the Latvarian king and villain, Doctor Doom, whom Arcade had angered. The X-Men fought Doom, while a second group of heroes rescued their loved ones from the depths of Arcade's amusement park of death called Murderworld.

After her rescue, Illyana stayed with her brother in America. She was with the team after they had defeated the villain Magneto on an island in the Bermuda Triangle. While exploring some ruins on the island, Illyana was transported to the mystic realm of Limbo which was ruled by the demon lord Belasco. The X-Men followed Illyana to Limbo, and fought Belasco, his demon henchman S'ym, and twisted versions of themselves who had become trapped there in an alternate timeline.

The X-Men defeated Belasco and sought to escape when Illyana was pulled back into by Belasco. She spent seven years in Limbo during which part of her nature was corrupted by Belasco in a plan to create a gate to allow the elder gods access to Earth. She also found that she had the mutant power to create light circles that would move her through space and time. She also learned to wield magical forces, the ultimate expression of which was a mystic sword that would destroy or deflect all magically based attacks.

Illyana used her new found power to defeat Belasco and S'ym. In defeating Belasco, Illyana became the new ruler of Limbo and used her powers to return to the moment she was separated from the X-Men. What for the X-Men was but a moment was for Illyana seven years, so she returned a teenager. She remained with the X-Men, becoming a member of the secondary team of learning mutants, the New Mutants. She took the code name Magik.

Illyana and Limbo played a major role in the Marvel crossover called Inferno, when the demon S'ym and N'Astirh fought for control of the demon realm and the Earth. At the end of the crossover, Majik sacrificed herself to defeat the demons and returned to being a seven year old with no memory of her time as a teenager. She returned to Russia to live with her parents.

In recent years, Illyana's parents were killed and she returned to the United States to live with her brother. During this time, the Legacy Virus was striking down those with mutant abilites. Illyana caught the disease and died as a result of it.

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