In the chapter The New Aubrey IV in his novel The Rebel Angels, Robertson Davies uses the melodious phrase "the old houghmagandy", which, from the context, seems to mean copulation. Judging from the sound of the word that my fellow Celts must know something about it, I consulted The Concise Scots Dictionary compiled by Alexander Warrack, 1911, printed 1989, New Orchard Editions, Ltd., ISBN 0-517-67377-0. Warrack defines houghmagandie very concisely as 'fornication' and gives another form: hochmagandie. He does not define magandie by itself, but gives meanings 'lower part of the thigh' and 'throw a leg over' for hoch.

Naturally, we find it in a poem attributed to Robert Burns: Gie the Lass Her Fairing:

The mair ye bang the mair she squeals
And hey for houghmagandie.

A wee web search tells me that Vladimir Nabokov uses this word in Pale Fire, but I have not found it yet in my copy.

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