Christopher is Greek for 'Christ bearer' and, according to legend, the saint was a Canaanite of prodigious size and strength. He desired to serve the mightiest sovereign, and began by worshipping the Canaanite king. The king was afraid of Satan, who therefore became Christopher's next figure of idolatry. However, then he realized that Satan was afraid of Christ so he chose to adopt the Christian faith. A hermit told him to go to help those who wished to cross a dangerous river, which he did, using a long pole to steady himself as he carried people across. One day a child begged to be taken over the river, so Christopher lifted him on to his shoulders and strode into the water. Little by little the water became more turbulent and the child revealed himself as Christ, who was carrying in his hand the weight of the whole world. He told Christopher to plant his staff, and the next morning it bore leaves and fruit.

Christopher recruited many converts and was cruelly tortured cause his faith was steadfast. At one time 400 bowmen shot arrows at him but not a single one touched him; suddenly, one turned back and stuck his persecutor, the king of Lycia, in the eye, blinding him. Christopher was beheaded the following day, but he had foretold that his blood would restore the tyrant's sight, and when this came true the king was converted to Christianity.

Although he has recently been removed from the Roman calendar as there is no proof of his existence, St Christopher has long been venerated as the patron saint of travellers.

martyred c.251 under Decius.

Also known as Kitts, but mainly Offero.

Offero was a powerfully built Canaanite who wandered the world in search of novelty and adventure. He came upon a hermit who lived beside a dangerous stream and served others by guiding them to safe places to cross. He gave Offero instruction in the truth of God. He took the hermit's place, but instead of guiding travellers, he carried them safely across the stream.

One day he carried a small child across the stream. The child's weight nearly crushed him. When they arrived on the other side, the child revealed himself as Christ, and he was so heavy because he bore the weight of the world on himself. Christ then baptised Offero with water from the stream. Offero's service at the stream led to his patronage of things related to travel and travellers, people who carry things, etc...

Saint Christopher was removed from the Roman calendar as there is no proof of his existence. His former holy day is July 25.

Sometimes represented as a torrent or also a giant.
Patron saint of : archers, automobile drivers, automobilists, bachelors, boatmen, bus drivers, cab drivers, floods, fruit dealers, fullers, hailstorms, holy death, lorry drivers, mariners, market carriers, motorists, porters, Rab Croatia, sailors, storms, sudden death, taxi drivers, toothache, transportation, transportation workers, travellers, truck drivers, truckers, and watermen.

Saint Christopher. On your neck; on my neck.

As your body falls, it is Saint Christopher in my eyes in a single glint of gold. He scrapes my breast so that your lips fight with him for position.

Saint Christopher.

Saint Christopher. On your neck; on me.

You say you wear him because your father did. Is there a certain brand of arrogance in an atheist wearing his own patron saint? I ask you if you’ve found religion, and you laugh with a little hint of relish, reaching downward for my belt.

Religion is all in what you make it.

Saint Christopher between us. Saint Christopher in your eyes when you tell me please.

I’ll make a religion. I’ll make a religion of this, and wear idols in my dressing room, golden around my head. I’ll sing the prayers of this disease and bring them all to rest on the door to your soul that you slam so painfully shut when I ask.

I spent so many years of my life trying to make this all be me.

Saint Christopher. Watching you; touching me.

Saint Christopher. On your neck; on me.

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