Rita is an adorable grey and white kitty, and Runt is her large, not-very-bright canine companion. They go on several wild adventures on the Warner Bros. television series Animaniacs.

Rita is the typical independant, strong-willed cat. She was abandoned by her original owner for being TOO independant, and ended up in the pound. Runt also ended up in the pound because he was overly destructive. They helped each other break out, and agreed to stick together until either one finds a home.

Rita frequently breaks out into song, Broadway style, and the songs can actually be quite good. Her voice is provided by Bernadette Peters, so the Broadway influence makes sense. Runt is a pretty much direct parody of "Rain man", saying the word "definitely" a lot. He is voiced by Frank Welker.

The duo have a penchant for ending up in the wrong place. For instance, they ended up in Alaska once, when intending to go to Florida, and in another episode, ended up in ancient Egypt while trying to journey to Palm Springs to visit Sonny Bono. These situations are quite hilarious.

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