Precious. Adorable. Irresistable. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Ky00t differs from cute in that it is a specific kind of cuteness; an innocent, asexual cuteness. For instance, a kitten is ky00t. This is opposed to the tendancy to use "cute" to mean or imply "sexy", IE, "a cute chick".

The only problem with the word ky00t is that it is pronounced the same as cute, so the difference becomes moot in actual conversation.

The term "ky00t" originated in furry fandom many years ago. No one knows the true origin, really, but it is believed that Lynx@FurryMUCK created it.

Japanese has a real word meaning 'ky00t': kawaii (rhymes with Hawaii). It's used to refer to the quality possessed by Pokemon and other anime/manga characters (of a sort suitable for children, mainly). Associated with the big eyes, small mouth look. There is thought to be a cultural response to things that are kawaii - Japanese people find them amazingly relaxing and appealing (or so it is said).

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