The tallest and oldest of the three Warner siblings on Animaniacs; the one who says "Hello nurse!" He's not as innocent as his younger siblings Wakko and Dot, so he's the one apt to draw the curtain down with "Good night, everybody!" when things veer too far into innuendo. As the name and the Animaniacs theme music imply, he's the fast talker of the group. Rather like a young Bugs Bunny; the very model of a cartoon individual.

And, of course, Yakko is voiced by the talented Rob Paulsen.

Among the Warner trio, he played the role of the straight man, making wisecracks about the actions of his brother and sister, and about various celebrities. The character in the show that was presumably intended to amuse adults, with his many allusions to people and things that aren't so well-known today; probably also part of the reason why Fox got rid of the show after not too long. I'm pretty sure most kids were much more amused by Wakko, with his talents for everything juvenile humor is based on.

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