With their second album, released in 1992, Flying Fish Sailors bring their fans more of the traditional folk music they have come to expect, along with a healthy dose of their own original songs. Remnant Stew concentrates more on vocals than their debut album did, providing greater opportunity to sing along. It is 52 minutes of good fun and great music, or, as the band themselves call it, "a veritable feast for your ears!"

"This album is dedicated to the principles of democracy and freedom of speech; to the oppressed peoples of the earth; to Frank Zappa; and to crawdads everywhere."

Flying Fish Sailors website - www.flyingfishsailors.com
Liner notes for Remnant Stew
http://www.cluckoldhen.com/ http://ccwf.cc.utexas.edu/~caine/Gaming/Mana/pcs/pf_all/Songs/song_index.htm

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