Bad Religion's Recipe for Hate was released in 1993, one year before the revolutionary Stranger Than Fiction. It has all the makings of a musical masterpiece (though at some times, the overuse of guitar solos is annoying), with the powerful and deep lyrics steering the whole operation.

Inventive songs like "Recipe for Hate", "American Jesus", "All Good Soldiers", "Struck a Nerve", and "Don't Pray on Me" exemplify BR's ability to fit mass amounts of information and {political, social, religious} commentary in a short time. Greg Gaffin displays his sarcastic, brash (yet always harmonic) vocal stylings present on all of the Bad Religion albums.

Playing on this album were: Greg Gaffin (vocals), Jay Bently (bass), Mr. Brett (lead and rhythm guitar), Greg Hetson (lead and rhythm guitar), and Bobby Schayer (drums).

Track List:

  1. Recipe for Hate (Graffin) 2:02
  2. Kerosene (Gurewitz) 2:41
  3. American Jesus (Graffin, Gurewitz) 3:17
  4. Portrait of Authority (Graffin) 2:44
  5. Man With a Mission (Gurewitz) 3:11
  6. All Good Soldiers (Gurewitz) 3:07
  7. Watch it Die (Graffin) 2:34
  8. Struck a Nerve (Graffin) 3:47
  9. My Poor Friend Me (Graffin) 2:42
  10. Lookin' In (Graffin) 2:03
  11. Don't Pray on Me (Gurewitz) 2:42
  12. Modern Day Catastrophists (Graffin) 2:46
  13. Skyscraper (Gurewitz) 3:15
  14. Stealth (Gurewitz, Bently, Schayer) 0:41

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