Both the artist name and album title of the solo album of Greg Graffin, a songwriter and vocalist from the band Bad Religion. The songs were written by Graffin off and on for a period of about 10 years, and were finally recorded and produced in 1997 and released by Atlantic Records. While the band's style is (mostly) punk rock, American Lesion features an interesting synthesis of folk rock, soft jazz, and blues.

The musical style isn't the only difference. Whereas the songs Bad Religion performs are mostly about politics (e.g. Heaven Is Falling, Recipe For Hate), religion (e.g. American Jesus, Skyscraper) or various social problems (e.g. Against The Grain, Drastic Actions), the songs on American Lesion tend to deal more with emotions and personal relationships. Hell, there's even a mournful love song on it; something you would never see on a Bad Religion album.

Graffin's said that he's written (and in some cases, recorded) other songs in this and other styles that would not be appropriate for the band. Whether or not there are plans to incorporate these into another American Lesion album is anybody's guess but his, though.

Track Listing

  1. Opinion
  2. Fate's Cruel Hand
  3. Predicament
  4. The Fault Line
  5. When I Fail
  6. Cease (Bad Religion cover)
  7. Maybe She Will
  8. The Elements
  9. In The Mirror
  10. Back To Earth

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