A concept that large corporations are pushing on young people, to try to take advantage of youth's natural rebellious tendancies and need to "fit in" with their peers. This is, of course, an oxymoron, similar to the Anarchy Now! buttons in the style of Netscape Now! or IE Now! from the browser wars. "Be different, just like everyone else"

The sad thing is, quite a few fall for it and think the height of rebellion is to wear the latest Abercrombie and Fitch and Gap clothing while listening to pop music from RIAA-approved artists whose songs further push the message of rebellion by buying mass-market consumer products.

Don't define your rebellion by purchases, mass-marketed or not. Some 'rebels' pride themselves on their frivolity. They spend lots of money on drinking, drugs, expensive clothes, whatever... just to show how original they are. Excess is not rebellion, because you're just buying more of what they're sellin'. Rebellion is in the mind, and in actions, not in the wallet.

It seems sad that the rebellion of the youth culture today, which could be really powerful and radically change things is so easily misdirected

I mean ... do you really think its an accident that the majority of rebellious youth today does nothing more than sit around, talking about change, while doing nothing to change? Of course not.

Just as the rebellion of the 1960s was so easily co-opted by greed and social climbing, the rebellion of the 21st century is easily co-opted by drug-induced, consumer-fueled apathy.

Wake up call to the Nintendo Generation! While you're tripping on acid and buying the newest anarchy patch at Hot Topic, not a damn thing is changing. And you're more a part of the problem then the solution.
The Current Teenage "Counterculture" is a Giant Load of Crap

Nothing sickens me more than seeing people at my school walk down the hall in a Slipknot or Marilyn Manson shirt thinking that they are soooooo rebellious and hip and subversive, but all they are doing is buying into Corporate America's attempt to control and wring money out of those who desire it least. These are supposed to be my peers, those who I am supposed to relate to most, those who I join in with while they condemn and accuse the Older Generation. So why do I find myself hating everything they stand for?
As my friend Lee said, "They are the ones that enter The Establishment through the back door that says 'This is not the establishment.'" They are exactly the same (mentality-wise) as the preps. The need to walk around all dressed up in whatever garb they deem "weird" or "spooky" just to freak out people that are easily freaked out is the same as the need to get in Abercrombie or American Eagle to show off your family's affluence.

And while I am already ranting, I have a bone to pick with the "goth" kids (well not all of them anyway). Consider this: a kid dresses like a punk rocker, talks like a punk rocker (says "sellout" and "hardcore" a lot), acts like a punk rocker, and everything else. You approach this kid and mention the Sex Pistols or the Dead Kennedys or some other seminal punk band. The kid gives you a blank stare as if to say, "Who are you talking about?" (I realize that this is not too likely, but oh well...)
By this time you have figured out that our little friend is not a punk at all but just a rich suburban teen wanting to belong to a subculture. But think of this: you see a kid who has the "goth" look. Black galore, makeup aplenty and spikes/chains/whatever metal accessory they may have. You ask him/her about the Cure, Bauhaus, Christian Death or some other seminal goth band. Again you receive blank stares and questioning looks. But I assure you that this scenario is far more likely than the first. The "goth" kids today don't even know what goth used to be about. Nor do they care. They are just in it for the fashion and the wished-for shock value.

*takes breath*

And that is pretty much all I have to say about the so-called "counterculture" that we are suffering through.
I hate my generation.

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