An advertising gimmick used from the v4.x versions of Netscape Navigator onwards.

This button was/is often seen on web pages made before the release of the latest (Mozilla based) versions of Netscape , and on a few right now (including my own). The pre-NS7 version had the classic Netscape logo (square) with animated fireworks, "Netscape" in small black type and "NOW!" in red graffiti lettering.

The post-NS7 button is dark blue in colour, with the new (round) Netscape logo with fading animated text and the familiar slogan. It's oft parodied and was copied by Microsoft's imitinnovation department for Internet Explorer. The mark of a truly old web page is the old style NN! button, complete with links to the 404 page at Most of these are accompanied by bits of text saying "Best viewed with Netscape x.0" or something like it.

Still, it made the web a bit more homely, and it's nice to see the old'uns from time to time. Go on...add a button to your homepage. You know you want to.

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