Title: Pro Pinball: Big Race USA
Developer: Empire Interactive
Publisher: Empire Interactive
Date Published: December 31, 1998
Platforms: PC, PlayStation
ESRB Rating: Everyone

Big Race USA was the third in the Pro Pinball series, with new features such as adjustable table conditions, and a new simultaneous two-player mode.

Plot: You're a taxi driver. Get money from fares while traveling to western side of USA for the Big Race. Then race back. Repeat as necessary.

The table is yellow. Almost everything on it is yellow or blue, and it's covered in ramps. There's no jets anywhere on this table, which I found to be kind of different. However, there are six car shaped drop targets/kickers on it: one's a cop car, the other's a taxi. Four more are tucked under the base of each ramp. And in the corner, there's a store.

Yes, a store. Something to spend your hard earned dollars in. You can buy anything from a lottery ticket (for more money? maybe) to an airbag (no balls slip through the drain) or an extra ball. Lots of other things, too.

The scores in this game are really under inflated, and after 3 balls and 10 more credits for extra balls, I completed the race once. And my score was in the range of 90 million.

Big Race also has a two-player mode, as I mentioned earlier. It can be played against the computer, or on a LAN (which no one has yet been able to make work). It's divided into three rounds. In the first, the objective is to travel 10,000 feet before the opponent does. To accomplish this, one must hit as many switches as possible before the opponent does. In the second, one player does round 1 again, while the other player has a multiball. Once all the balls are locked, the players switch positions. In the third round, each player tries to lock a ball in each kicker on the table before the opponent. I think they pulled this mode (as well as the rest of the game) together very nicely.

I'm still playing this game. When the gameplay doesn't keep me coming back, the music does.

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