Title: Super Caesar's Palace
Developer: Coconuts Japan
Publisher: Virgin
Date Published: October 21 1993
Platforms: SNES

Super Caesar's Palace is exactly that: Caesar's Palace for the good ol' SNES. It has no plot, minimal music, minimal human interaction, but lots of gambling. And what it does, it does well.

Super Caesar's Palace contains Craps, Roulette, Black Jack, Video Poker, Slots (3 kinds!), Red Dog, Keno and Horse Racing. Each of these games is emulated to the last detail for their real life counterpart, save one thing: human interaction.

Yeah. Even though there's people wandering around the casino whose sole purpose is to say their small dialogue tree and mysteriously vanish, there's no one playing the games with you. It's deathly silent, except for the occasional flip of the card, or the roll of the dice.

I found the save system to be quite unwieldy. The game has you enter a rather long string (20, maybe 22 characters, I think) to reload a saved game. It needs this string to keep only your name and your balance. Of course, those with emulators need only to save their state.

However, using the save state too often tends to un-balance the game quite a bit. For example, the Roulette game draws the number for the second spin at the end of the first one. So all you have to do is save state, place no bets, note the winning number, load state, and bet the farm for winnings of $50,000 per spin, depending on the upper limit of the table.

This game's alright for a while, but it eventually loses its charm because it's just lacking in people and music, IMO.

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